Luxury Stay and Water Play

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I came across an excellent deal while looking for luxury apartments in Raleigh NC. The apartment was like something out of a movie and there was even a pool nearby for me to swim in whenever I wanted to get in a few laps for exercise. I love to swim, but it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to do it because I don’t have a pool and there wasn’t a pool near me at my old residence. Once I moved into the luxury apartment, I went swimming on the first day and spent the entire day in the pool.

Every morning before I have to go to work, I head to the pool and swim around for half an hour. Swimming wakes me up and gets my blood flowing. The second my body enters the water, I start to shiver, even though the water temperature isn’t that cold. I do some kicking exercises, and then practice my strokes. (more…)

Searching for an Apartment Near Atlanta

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While living in a vibrant city like Atlanta can be very exciting and living in midtown or in a trendy area like Buckhead can sometimes seem ideal, it can be more practical for your regular daily life to instead focus where you live a close distance in a way in a more relaxed and quiet area. Although the suburbs can sometimes seem remote, a place like Sandy Springs sits just north of Atlanta Searching for Sandy Springs Georgia apartments allows you to get the best of both worlds. Known for having great access to major highways as well as being near great entertainment and shopping, Sandy Springs is an ideal location just outside of the city for many.

When looking or an apartment, it is best before you begin to determine the amount of space you need in your home. Considerations should be things such as whether or not you need one, two or three bedrooms and whether or not you will be living with anyone, either a loved one or a roommate and their needs if that is the plan. For many people, moving into an apartment might mean having to use a shared laundry room in a common section of an apartment building. (more…)

Firstrax NOZTONOZ Sof-Krate – Indoor/Outdoor – Pet – Review

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A Soft Dogs Home For All Occasions

When staying with friends, family or strange places when on vacation, I always take my dog and herFirstrax NOZTONOZ Sof-Krate easy to fold up indoor/outdoor pet crate with me, ensuring she has afamiliar safe haven to play, rest and sleep in.

The Soft Crate

The main advantage of a soft collapsible crate for your pet when traveling is that it must be portable and can be moved about effortlessly.
This crate is easy (by pressing in the button tabs) to fold up flat for storage in a cupboard, under a sofa or in the car.

Although it includes a strong steel tubular frame and the covering is made of a hard wearing fabric and mesh, it is still quite light.

For increased ventilation on hot days, you can roll up the top, side and front mesh doors.

These mesh openings are all fitted with industrial zippers and latches that all add to the strength and security of the NOZTONOZ Sof-Krate.

The corners of the soft crate are rounded, and there are no sharp edges a pet when playing can hurt itself on.

Secrets To Dog Training

What I Like

The fabric is simple to remove and can be cleaned in a washing machine. Other stains can be removed using soap and water or any fabric cleaner.

The crate when assembled is nice and firm, and the fabric is double stitched for longevity. The corners are reinforced and will prevent it from damaging any of its surroundings.

The fabric is made of a non-toxic material so if your dog tries to chew it, it is perfectly safe.

These soft crates are available in five different sizes, so are suitable for all types of dogs weighing up to 70 lbs.

Like all crates, these are great for house training puppies. However crates are places of refuge and should not be used for unhappy confinement.

What I Do Not Like

Obviously soft crates are not suitable for dogs that have a chewing problem or have not been trained to stay in any crate.

The extra cost of a kennel floor pan for dogs that love to scratch.

The NOZTONOZ Sof-Krate Pet Home comes only in one color, which may not suit some people.

What I Think

Only you know the character of your pet, and if it has never been in a crate before then be prepared to be patient and to train it to accept the crate as its personal den.

Overall this is a good safe product for your pet. The price seems reasonable and if looked after, will last for a long time.

Natural Remedies For Dogs With Arthritis

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Although most people do their best to give their dogs everything they naturally need, the fact is that 1 out of 5 of our beloved pets are affected with sore joints and as they age, arthritis.

If you’re like the majority of people, then your dogs are treated like any other member of the family. That’s why it’s essential that you ensure your dog has everything it needs to lead a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life; they depend on you. This includes providing a safe place to sleep, a proper diet, keeping them current on their shots, plenty of exercise and training, and regular trips to the vet.

Following is important information related to these issues.

Dogs And Arthritis

Arthritis in dogs, otherwise known as Osteoarthritis, is the leading cause of severe and chronic pain in dogs. It affects one out of every five adult dogs, and more than doubles in dogs over seven years old. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease. It causes persistent pain, a loss of mobility, and a decreased overall quality of life.

Symptoms of canine arthritis include the following:

Following are a few things you can do to make your dog more comfortable:


The first step in treating canine arthritis using natural remedies is the use of nutraceutical supplements. These include glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate. These are from sources such as the shells of shellfish, green-lipped mussels, and cartilage. These ingredients are known as glycosaminoglycans, or GAGs, and included in this group are injectable forms of the ingredients that are marketed under the brand names Adequan throughout the United States and Cartrophen in other parts.

GAG’s are significant because they protect the joints rather than simply reduce symptoms. GAG’s could also have a measure of preventative effect on arthritis by helping restore joint fluid and rebuild cartilage.

It has been shown that oral GAG products can be most effective when given separate from meals, although it’s okay to give them with food as well. Begin with high doses, this way you can tell if your dog responds well. If you notice improvement, you can reduce the dosage in order to determine if the improvement can be maintained at this lower dosage.

If you don’t notice a change within the first three weeks, then you should try another supplement. Different dogs and breeds respond differently to various supplements.

Brands that have shown to be effective for dogs include in no particular order:


Muscle Joint Support

K-9 Glucosamine from Liquid Health

Arthroplex from Thorne Veterinary

Flexile-Plus from B-Naturals

SynFlex from Synflex America

Synovi-G3 from DVM Pharmaceuticals

You can also try products and natural remedies that were intended for people. These contain ingredients such as green-lipped mussel, chondroitin sulfate, and glucosamine. The use of manganese may help with absorption.

Injectable GAGs can be effective and may perform well when oral-supplements do not.

Diet – Foods That Help

Certain foods have been known to help with the symptoms of arthritis that include: tropical fruits such as papaya and mango, celery, alfalfa and ginger are all great additions to the diet for dogs with arthritis.

Remember, vegetables must be cooked or pureed in a, juicer, blender, or food processor to increase your dog’s digestion.

Diet – Foods That Hurt

Certain foods increase inflammation and intensify arthritis. A number of people have discovered that eliminating grains from their dog’s diet improves symptoms; sometimes to the point that no additional treatment is required.

Plants including potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant can aggravate arthritis.

Weight And Exercise

It is particularly important keep your dog as lean and fit as possible. Additional weight puts additional stress on joints and makes it more difficult to get proper exercise. A diet low in and high in protein is better for a dog with arthritis.

Low-impact exercises such swimming and walking is essential for dogs with arthritis. Regular exercise will retain flexibility and develop muscles to facilitate stabilization in the joints.

Swimming is an excellent exercise for dogs with arthritis because it is not a weight-bearing exercise, encouraging your dog to exercise more energetically without damaging his joints.

Natural Anti-Inflammatory

For treating the symptoms of arthritis in dogs, there are several all-natural anti-inflammatory supplements you can try before resorting to medications.

1.Fish Oil:

Fish oil is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which have been proven to reduce inflammation and more. The majority of fish oil gel-caps contain 300mg combined EPA and DHA; you can give your dog as much as 1 of these gel-caps per 10 lbs of body weight daily.

2. Vitamin E and Vitamin C:

You can supplement with vitamin C and E when you are giving oils, otherwise your dog’s body could become depleted of these vitamins.

Which Dogs Are Likely To Develop Canine Arthritis?

While certain larger breed dogs such as Great Danes are more vulnerable to arthritis, it can develop in all breeds and you never really know who or when it will hit. It is frequently caused as a result of family genetics, joint infection, trauma, or dislocation. Older dogs will typically develop arthritis as aresult of natural aging.

Natural Therapies

As you can see, there are a number of natural remedies for dogs with arthritis. Hopefully one will work for your dog if needed.

The Ultimate Guide To Dog Health helps you to understand how to prevent your pets health issues from worsening.


Natural and Other Fighting Dogs

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Some dogs are born fighters and the following advice may work on many dogs, but not all.

In natural fighters, you will see the signs well before they are a year old. The dog will, when preparing for a scrap, stand as if on tiptoe with its tail high and stiff and often puts his head over the neck of the other dog.

If you see this happening, quickly walk away while calling its name. If you try to approach them, your dog may see this as a sign of encouragement to attack.

Some puppies that have been frightened or tormented by older dogs may grow up thinking that it is better to bite first than be bitten.


To prevent your dog from becoming a fighter start off correctly by allowing you puppy to socialise frequently with other dogs of calm and steady temperament.

Try to avoid your dog from running up to dogs on leads as these feel vulnerable and are probably likely to become very aggressive and snap.

Dog-training schools are also a great place for your pup to get use to other dogs.

Breaking Up A Fight
When a fight does ensue, and if your dog is not a natural fighter or is a well-trained dog then the shouted command ‘leave’ may get its attention and break off the fight.

If this does not work you, you must resort to violence to stop one of the dogs from getting badly hurt. You can hit them with the lead, shoe, stick or even kick them. If a bucket of water or a hose is nearby then douse them without delay.

Never use your hands to pull them apart or you will definitely be bitten, even by your own dog. This is not deliberate but in its frantic state to survive it will bite at anything in its way.

If your harnesed dog is on its lead, it is more likely to fight as it feels restricted and therefore, at a disadvantage. It may also think it has your approval.

When your dog starts growling or makes a lunge at another passing dog, check it hard on its lead saying ‘no’ very firmly. You may have to get your dog in a state where it is more worried about punishment from you than the other dog.

If your dog has the true pack leader type of temperament you may be able to improve its behaviour, but it’s doubtful you will eradicate its nature completely.

Acceptable Attitude
A working dog that can be prevented from fighting by dominance of its sole owner and strict training this attitude is possibly acceptable. However, this aggression in a large pet can easily lead to serious injury to another dog or worse still a person. You will then have to rehouse it where it can do no damage.

Dog Versus Bitch
I have read and heard that a dog will not fight a bitch. This is not true because I have seen pacifist dogs that hold grudges against other specific dogs for whatever reason, dog or bitch, large or small, fearlessly tackle their quarry to ‘get their own back’.

Secrets To Dog Training

Dog owners that do not take the time to train their dogs properly are not only letting the dog down but also themselves. It really does not take much time and effort to train your dog to a level where it becomes very obedient.

An obedient dog is a wonderful acquisition to any family or person but an unruly untrained dog is no fun at all.

PetZen Dog Treadmill Review

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The PetZen Dog treadmill is a great product that will help your dog stay fit, lean and in great shape especially if you struggle to find the time to exercise her frequently. It can also keep dogs with anxiety problems distracted for a while.

For overweight or obese dogs, the dog treadmill is ideal to help them lose weight. All dogs love and need a daily walk or run and with the right encouragement and training the treadmill is a fun way for it to use up any extra calories.


During the first week do not turn it on at all. Just let her get familiarised with the treadmill by encouraging her to jump and play on it.

In the 2nd week begin by feeding your dog with treats on the platform. With her lead on, start the treadmill at the slowest speed. Give her lots of treats and praises. Each day increase the speed a little more and continued with the treats. While training her, play around with various speeds until you find what the best speed for your dog’s gait is. The training can take some dogs about up to a month to become completely comfortable with the treadmill.

Many dogs use the tread about four or five days a week and stay on it for about 45 minutes to one hour without a lead. You may still use a treat to lure her on it, but once she starts, she will stay on and enjoy herself.

Keep the treadmill in a room or garage along with a big fan for warmer days and always set the treadmill to its slowest speed before your dog dismounts.

The Petz Dog Tread is a wonderful product that solves the problem of dog owners inability to walk their pet for whatever reason.

The Mudi Dog Quick Facts

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Until 1930 the Hungarian hunting dogs were classified together, the Mudi dog was separated from the Puli and Pumi. This breed is generally rare even in its native origin, Hungary.

It serves a wide range of purposes which include sheep and cow herding, guard dog, hunting dog and as a companion.

They have a life expectancy of 13-14 years. Weighs 8-13 kgs.

Helpful Facts

1. Characteristics: They are very active and will need long daily walks. It’s advisable to set them free in a safe place so that they can play freely. Put them in any sport and they will perform extraordinarily.

2. Living conditions: The larger the apartments the better for this fun loving breed. If at all you going to keep it in your apartment make a plan of taking it for exercises at least three times a week. However, it a large backyard will make a perfect home for the dog.

3. Physical characteristics:  It has a wedge shaped head, the nose is pointed its rare for its puppies to be born without a tail. Its ears are always erect and it has a wavy and dense coat.

4. Color:  Mudi breeds can either be grey, white, black, red and a rare color known as cifras which is dark or grey with spotted, stripped or stained marble color.

5. Temperament:

6. Health: It is a fairly healthy dog but some rare cases of hip dysplasia have been reported.

7. Grooming: the breed is an average shedder. It requires an occasional brushing and combing to remove the dead hair.

From the above characteristics it’s clear that a Mudi dog is the perfect companion as it is friendly and also provides security to the owner. For those who love hunting this is definitely the right dog for you.

Obese Dog Weight Loss

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Thank goodness fat and obese dogs can quite easily and quickly lose weight once their owner is committed to helping them. It usually means a change of bad habits that have been allowed to continue for some time, causing the dog to gain weight.

Most dogs’ will, if opportunities continuously present themselves, devours any food available and this gorging is the chief cause of your pet becoming obese. It is especially intensified by competition between two or more dogs in the household.

Fat Theory

The tried and tested theory that when Calories Used by any dog is LESSthan the Calories Absorbedthe unused Calories Stored will help your pet becomes FAT. Over time if your dog or puppies activity levels are not increased mainly by more exercise, they will become obese.

Veterinary Surgeons Recommendations

Most vets recommend that you feed your dog with commercially made complete diets either dry in pellet form or moist supplied in cans.

When feeding your dog in this manner the frequency of feeding and what amount can be found in the manufacturer’s instructions accompanying the food.

These diets can be supplemented with no more than 10% of the owner’s dinner leftovers and other tit bits, treats etc. to prevent an imbalance of you pets’ regular diet essential nutrients.

Secrets To Dog Training

In Your Control

The quantity of food your dog is fed is in your control, so never feed it more than is necessary.

Personally I do not feed my dog left overs or tit bits except for the occasional treat while training or if she is being especially good.

Once a dog starts to get into the bad habit of expecting to receive these extras it becomes quite difficult to break the habit, especially if it starts to beg.

Diseases That Can Result from Obesity



Digestion complications


Heart problems

Liver function problems

Reproduction difficulties

Skin diseases

The above diseases can lead to you pets reduced life expectancy and not forgetting those expensive vet bills.

Fat Leads to Obesity

In the Western world it is estimated that more than one dog in three is overweight. This is the single most common nutritional health problem faced by humans and now also our dogs.

Because of our busy life styles we do not notice day to day changes in the health, weight and size of our pets until it is wholly overweight.

As in all cases prevention is the key to having a fit and healthy dog so be aware of your dog’s eating habits and change them if you suspect your dog is gaining weight

Successful Slimming Tips

Firstly establish a reasonable goal that works for you as well as your pet. Do not make it complicated or you will not stick to it. The dog is relying on you to lose weight so Keep It Simple.

Now work out a dietary regime. This may include if your dog is very obese, a special diet food recommended by your vet shop.

Regularly weigh and measure your dog’s girth so you can see if your plan is working. This is important so you can change direction effortlessly.

It is best to aim for a slow but measured weight loss.

For the best results increase the amount of exercise (ball games and longer walks) your dog gets.

If you cannot find the time for more walks etc. have a look at what are proving to be great alternatives, the dog treadmill.

Get a smaller bowl to feed your dog lesser portions, more frequently.

Encourage the rest of the family to commit to the program to help your dog loose more weight.

Other Treatments

It is hard for pet owners to make up their own diet food that is low in calories and then to stick to making it every day. Simply to reduce the amount of food may also not be beneficial and there is a danger that the dog will resort to the begging or scavenging.

Another risk is that your dog may unknowingly become deficient in some essential nutrient.

Rather consult your vet and ask if he knows of a clinic or dog training school in your area that runs a special class for overweight dogs. There you can get good advice and follow up on reports and be closely involved in your pet’s weight loss. She will love you more for your loving participation.

Canine Hydrotherapy is one of the fastest growing areas of veterinary medicine aimed at speeding up recovery and it also significantly assists pets who are overweight and obese. The underwater treadmills can be tailored to suit each individual canine patient regardless of their size or affliction.

Fit or Fat

You can you tell if your dog is running to fat by answering this simple quiz.

1. Can your dog’s ribs be (a) – Seen  (b) – Felt but not seen   (c) – Neither felt or seen

2. Does your play ball games by itself  (a) – Frequently  (b) – Rarely  (c) – Not ever

3. Do you walk your dog  (a) – Daily  (b) – Most days (c) – Never

4. Does your dog love to go out in all kinds of weather (a) – Yes  (b) – Sometimes  (c) – Never

5. Does your dog pant after mild exercise (a) – No  (b) – Sometimes  (c) – Yes

6. Does your dog beg for scraps  (a) – No  (b) – seldom  (c) – Yes

7. Does your dog ever refuse some food  (a) – Never  (b) – Sometimes  (c) – Often

8. Does your dog eat its meal within 5 minutes  (a) – Never  (b)  Sometimes  (a)  Often

The score below acts only as a guide therefor if in doubt consult your vet.

Score:-    (a) = 1 (b) = 2 (c) = 3


A score of 9 -13        Your dog is fit

A score of 14 – 19    Your dog is tending to fat. Try to increase its exercise

A score of 20 – 24    Your dog is overweight and consider seeking veterinary advice

Aids for Obese Dogs

Dog Hydrotherapy Treadmill

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Canine Hydrotherapy Treadmill – Paddle To Health

Pet dogs are making a splash in Hydrotherapy treadmills using warm water pain relief treatments to aid their road to recovery.

More and more vets are using the new technology to assist with the rehab for post-operative pets that have undertaken spinal and limb surgery.

Canine hydrotherapy is also proving to be a great way to assist dogs who are overweight and obese as part of their weight loss program.

Secrets To Dog Training

Home Exercise Comparison

According to some veterinarians “rehabilitation through hydrotherapy treatment results in a much quicker recovery for animals and is a significant form of weight loss for those pets that are a little on the podgy side of the scales”.

Also “pets that receive hydrotherapy as part of their rehabilitation program continue to demonstrate accelerated recovery and return to function compared to those receiving a home exercise program alone”

Main Benefits

The hydrotherapy underwater treadmill gives the dog a chance to exercise in water, which provides buoyancy and resistance to increase the ease and effectiveness of activity.

Precise control of speed, exercise intensity, water depth and temperature, means exercise can be tailored to suit each individual canine patient regardless of their size or affliction.

Lundehund Dog Facts

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Quick Facts

Lundehund dog, also called the Norwegian Lundehund is a small and energetic breed that originated in the most northern region of Europe.

Originally, they started being bred in the 16st for the purpose of hunting birds on the rugged and inaccessible cliffs and similar terrain of Norway.

Because of their specialized role, Lundehund dog developed distinctive characteristics that are uncommon in other breeds, like a neck that is double-jointed and front paws that have six toes.

Helpful Facts

1) Character: The Norwegian Lundehund is a happy and friendly small breed of dogs and will get along with all people it encounters, especially children. If they are not trained as pups, they can become shy in their contact with strangers, but don’t show any aggressive outbursts.

But, they will remain protective of its owners family in a way that is not aggressive, meaning that it will be inclined to dig and store food for the winter, mainly thanks to its Norwegian roots.

2) Favorite Behaviors: Being a hunting breed, any Lundehund dog will love long walks and all kinds of ball and fetch play. Because of their distinctive build, they will especially have fun it a wooded terrain where they can track things and jump around obstacles.

3) Watchdog Potential: The Norwegian Lundehund will usually alert a family once it detects a stranger, but will not be immediately hostile towards it.

4) Appropriate For: A Lundehund dog is the perfect companion for play in the open and recreation in the great outdoors. They are very sociable, so they should not be kept on their own for too long.

5) Hereditary Diseases: The Norwegian Lundehund specimen is expected to live an average of 12 years, but the breed is susceptible to the Lundehund Syndrome.

The breeds syndrome includes a malfunction of the digestive tract that is of a genetic nature. In this case, they are not able to fully absorb the nutrients they need, meaning that their growth and development is also hampered.

The Lundehund Syndrome is often seen in the breed and currently, there is no cure for it. In spite of this, veterinarians and dog nutrition experts have devised a management system that can help out with the impact of the disease and its side effects.

6) The Ears: The ears of a Lundehund dog are relatively short and pointy. This means that their ears do not ask for any special treatment apart from the regular cleaning.

7) Shedding: Because of their ample shedding of fur, the Norwegian Lundehund requiring coat brushing on a daily base using a firm brush.

8) Working Dog: Lundehund dogs were intended for the hunt of birds, meaning that even today, in this role (especially when the terrain is inaccessible) these dogs can provide superior results.