Curing Chasing Dogs

Joshua Lopez, · Categories: Pets

If you have managed to train your dog to respond to your instant recall, especially from a distance, then dog chasing is unlikely to be much of a problem.

Dogs naturally chase fast moving objects, and in our world this usually means cyclists, vehicles, joggers etc.

Having a terrier barking and snapping at your heels when out running is bad enough, but when a 120 pound bull mastiff is thundering towards you, it can be truly terrifying.

Achieving Instant Recall

People use all kinds of simple methods to get their dog to respond instantly when called by name or using a dog whistle. You will need a friend to help, someone your dog is comfortable with.

Secrets To Dog Training

Method One To Cure a Jogger Chaser

Enlist the help of a jogger and arrange to meet at the park

Hand a bunch of keys or a check chain over to the jogger and ask him/her to jog off.

When your friend is some distance away release your dog and when it is about 20ft (6m) behind him, instruct you friend to turn suddenly towards the dog and throw the hard object at it, simultaneously shouting ‘No’. Hopefully the dog will be so startled that it will never chase anything again.

You may have to repeat this exercise a few times, but most dogs do get the picture quite quickly.

Method Two To Cure a Vehicle Chaser

Attach a 20ft (6m) length of rope to the dogs’ leather collar (only resort to a check chain as a last resort).

When he tries to chase after a vehicle and in full flight, shout ‘No’ while jerking sharply on the cord, stopping him in his tracks. The shock of the abrupt halt will cause confusion and the hesitation.

Repeat a few more times until he shows no more interest in moving objects.

Method Three To Cure a Horse Chaser

If you live in an area where horses and their riders are often out riding, an unruly horse chasing dog can cause the horse to bolt putting the horse, rider and dog in danger.

Ask a horse rider to help you to introduce your dog to the horse.

If the rider agrees, then put your dog on a check chain. Let it look at the horse while it sits by your side as you speak to the rider.

At the slightest sign of movement towards the horse, yank sharply on the leash and say ‘No’.

In time, he will learn that horses are no longer worth chasing.


Some dogs will be cured of their chasing habits quite quickly while the more stubborn pet may take a little longer. Do not give up and your persistence will pay off.

A properly trained dog is really fun to own and most become your friend for life. All of my dogs have been trained to respond to my instant recall, and this may have saved their lives in a dangerous situation.