Firstrax NOZTONOZ Sof-Krate – Indoor/Outdoor – Pet – Review

Joshua Lopez, · Categories: Pets

A Soft Dogs Home For All Occasions

When staying with friends, family or strange places when on vacation, I always take my dog and herFirstrax NOZTONOZ Sof-Krate easy to fold up indoor/outdoor pet crate with me, ensuring she has afamiliar safe haven to play, rest and sleep in.

The Soft Crate

The main advantage of a soft collapsible crate for your pet when traveling is that it must be portable and can be moved about effortlessly.
This crate is easy (by pressing in the button tabs) to fold up flat for storage in a cupboard, under a sofa or in the car.

Although it includes a strong steel tubular frame and the covering is made of a hard wearing fabric and mesh, it is still quite light.

For increased ventilation on hot days, you can roll up the top, side and front mesh doors.

These mesh openings are all fitted with industrial zippers and latches that all add to the strength and security of the NOZTONOZ Sof-Krate.

The corners of the soft crate are rounded, and there are no sharp edges a pet when playing can hurt itself on.

Secrets To Dog Training

What I Like

The fabric is simple to remove and can be cleaned in a washing machine. Other stains can be removed using soap and water or any fabric cleaner.

The crate when assembled is nice and firm, and the fabric is double stitched for longevity. The corners are reinforced and will prevent it from damaging any of its surroundings.

The fabric is made of a non-toxic material so if your dog tries to chew it, it is perfectly safe.

These soft crates are available in five different sizes, so are suitable for all types of dogs weighing up to 70 lbs.

Like all crates, these are great for house training puppies. However crates are places of refuge and should not be used for unhappy confinement.

What I Do Not Like

Obviously soft crates are not suitable for dogs that have a chewing problem or have not been trained to stay in any crate.

The extra cost of a kennel floor pan for dogs that love to scratch.

The NOZTONOZ Sof-Krate Pet Home comes only in one color, which may not suit some people.

What I Think

Only you know the character of your pet, and if it has never been in a crate before then be prepared to be patient and to train it to accept the crate as its personal den.

Overall this is a good safe product for your pet. The price seems reasonable and if looked after, will last for a long time.