Luxury Stay and Water Play

Leona Miller, · Categories: Home

I came across an excellent deal while looking for luxury apartments in Raleigh NC. The apartment was like something out of a movie and there was even a pool nearby for me to swim in whenever I wanted to get in a few laps for exercise. I love to swim, but it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to do it because I don’t have a pool and there wasn’t a pool near me at my old residence. Once I moved into the luxury apartment, I went swimming on the first day and spent the entire day in the pool.

Every morning before I have to go to work, I head to the pool and swim around for half an hour. Swimming wakes me up and gets my blood flowing. The second my body enters the water, I start to shiver, even though the water temperature isn’t that cold. I do some kicking exercises, and then practice my strokes. There aren’t many people in the pool early in the morning, so I can just swim all over the place without having to worry about bumping into anyone. It’s mostly the adults who even wake up early enough for the first swim.

If I feel like I need something to relax with after work, I’ll go to the pool and just sit in the shallow end for a while. The shallow end lets me loosen my muscles without having to worry about staying afloat. Therapy in water is the best form of therapy to me, because all of your cares and troubles just drift away. The feeling of weightlessness is so soothing, and the way the water hits your skin puts you into a state of bliss. I’ve come close to falling asleep in the pool, but the water wakes me back up.