Natural and Other Fighting Dogs

Joshua Lopez, · Categories: Home, Pets

Some dogs are born fighters and the following advice may work on many dogs, but not all.

In natural fighters, you will see the signs well before they are a year old. The dog will, when preparing for a scrap, stand as if on tiptoe with its tail high and stiff and often puts his head over the neck of the other dog.

If you see this happening, quickly walk away while calling its name. If you try to approach them, your dog may see this as a sign of encouragement to attack.

Some puppies that have been frightened or tormented by older dogs may grow up thinking that it is better to bite first than be bitten.


To prevent your dog from becoming a fighter start off correctly by allowing you puppy to socialise frequently with other dogs of calm and steady temperament.

Try to avoid your dog from running up to dogs on leads as these feel vulnerable and are probably likely to become very aggressive and snap.

Dog-training schools are also a great place for your pup to get use to other dogs.

Breaking Up A Fight
When a fight does ensue, and if your dog is not a natural fighter or is a well-trained dog then the shouted command ‘leave’ may get its attention and break off the fight.

If this does not work you, you must resort to violence to stop one of the dogs from getting badly hurt. You can hit them with the lead, shoe, stick or even kick them. If a bucket of water or a hose is nearby then douse them without delay.

Never use your hands to pull them apart or you will definitely be bitten, even by your own dog. This is not deliberate but in its frantic state to survive it will bite at anything in its way.

If your harnesed dog is on its lead, it is more likely to fight as it feels restricted and therefore, at a disadvantage. It may also think it has your approval.

When your dog starts growling or makes a lunge at another passing dog, check it hard on its lead saying ‘no’ very firmly. You may have to get your dog in a state where it is more worried about punishment from you than the other dog.

If your dog has the true pack leader type of temperament you may be able to improve its behaviour, but it’s doubtful you will eradicate its nature completely.

Acceptable Attitude
A working dog that can be prevented from fighting by dominance of its sole owner and strict training this attitude is possibly acceptable. However, this aggression in a large pet can easily lead to serious injury to another dog or worse still a person. You will then have to rehouse it where it can do no damage.

Dog Versus Bitch
I have read and heard that a dog will not fight a bitch. This is not true because I have seen pacifist dogs that hold grudges against other specific dogs for whatever reason, dog or bitch, large or small, fearlessly tackle their quarry to ‘get their own back’.

Secrets To Dog Training

Dog owners that do not take the time to train their dogs properly are not only letting the dog down but also themselves. It really does not take much time and effort to train your dog to a level where it becomes very obedient.

An obedient dog is a wonderful acquisition to any family or person but an unruly untrained dog is no fun at all.