PetZen Dog Treadmill Review

Joshua Lopez, · Categories: Pets

The PetZen Dog treadmill is a great product that will help your dog stay fit, lean and in great shape especially if you struggle to find the time to exercise her frequently. It can also keep dogs with anxiety problems distracted for a while.

For overweight or obese dogs, the dog treadmill is ideal to help them lose weight. All dogs love and need a daily walk or run and with the right encouragement and training the treadmill is a fun way for it to use up any extra calories.


During the first week do not turn it on at all. Just let her get familiarised with the treadmill by encouraging her to jump and play on it.

In the 2nd week begin by feeding your dog with treats on the platform. With her lead on, start the treadmill at the slowest speed. Give her lots of treats and praises. Each day increase the speed a little more and continued with the treats. While training her, play around with various speeds until you find what the best speed for your dog’s gait is. The training can take some dogs about up to a month to become completely comfortable with the treadmill.

Many dogs use the tread about four or five days a week and stay on it for about 45 minutes to one hour without a lead. You may still use a treat to lure her on it, but once she starts, she will stay on and enjoy herself.

Keep the treadmill in a room or garage along with a big fan for warmer days and always set the treadmill to its slowest speed before your dog dismounts.

The Petz Dog Tread is a wonderful product that solves the problem of dog owners inability to walk their pet for whatever reason.