¿Significado profundo de aguanile?

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Aguanile is a Yourba word (A lanugage from Nigreia West Africa)
In salsa it stems from the Afro-Cuban relgiion called Santería. You hear it (and other santería phrases) a lot in Cuban salsa. Most often you hear the full phrase "Aguanile mai mai" and it is part of the toque for the saint (orisha) Oggun.
The term Aguanile mai mai is praising the Yoruba orisha called Ogun. Ogun is the god of war and metal. He is the diety that works day and night without ever resting. He is the primordial black smith. He held the secrets of metals and forging tools. He held these secrets to himself until the orisha Oshun (river diety) sedcued him out of the foerst so that civilziation colud be cretaed.
He is also prasied in Cuba in the religion of Sanetria (La Relga de Ocha Luukmi). The lanugage used in Sanetria is called Luukmi whcih is an offhsoot of the Yoruba language of Nigeria West Africa.
Aguan= a cleansing. (also refers to a basket that is used in ceremonies where different types of foods and animal offerings are contained after the inititates have cleansed themselves with these items.
Ile= house
Note: this is not proper Yoruba spelling. This is Lukumi where there is really not a standardized spelling and words may vary slightly depending on the priestly lineage of the Santeria practitioner.
Contrary to popular belief, mai mai does not mean "water". The word for water in the Lukumi language is "omi"
Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_aguanile#ixzz1l0YgT7H7

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