The Mudi Dog Quick Facts

Joshua Lopez, · Categories: Pets

Until 1930 the Hungarian hunting dogs were classified together, the Mudi dog was separated from the Puli and Pumi. This breed is generally rare even in its native origin, Hungary.

It serves a wide range of purposes which include sheep and cow herding, guard dog, hunting dog and as a companion.

They have a life expectancy of 13-14 years. Weighs 8-13 kgs.

Helpful Facts

1. Characteristics: They are very active and will need long daily walks. It’s advisable to set them free in a safe place so that they can play freely. Put them in any sport and they will perform extraordinarily.

2. Living conditions: The larger the apartments the better for this fun loving breed. If at all you going to keep it in your apartment make a plan of taking it for exercises at least three times a week. However, it a large backyard will make a perfect home for the dog.

3. Physical characteristics:  It has a wedge shaped head, the nose is pointed its rare for its puppies to be born without a tail. Its ears are always erect and it has a wavy and dense coat.

4. Color:  Mudi breeds can either be grey, white, black, red and a rare color known as cifras which is dark or grey with spotted, stripped or stained marble color.

5. Temperament:

6. Health: It is a fairly healthy dog but some rare cases of hip dysplasia have been reported.

7. Grooming: the breed is an average shedder. It requires an occasional brushing and combing to remove the dead hair.

From the above characteristics it’s clear that a Mudi dog is the perfect companion as it is friendly and also provides security to the owner. For those who love hunting this is definitely the right dog for you.